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Tania Matos

Tania Matos Physiotherapist

Tania is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Equipment Instructor.

She discovered Pilates during her Physiotherapy studies as a way to teach clients in a methodic way. She graduated from King’s College London in 2011 and has practiced and taught Pilates since.

Tania trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and is a Pilates Equipment Certified Instructor.

Tania has a background in Dance and Theatre and completed a Masters in Performance at Goldsmiths College. In Portugal, she graduated in Dance Studies and has a Diploma in Theatre Acting by the Professional Theatre School of Cascais.

Tania’s experience of observing and studying Movement has helped her develop an understanding of Biomechanics. She sees her role as a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor as a fantastic way to improve her clients’ movement patterns to rehabilitate and prevent further injuries.

Tania is also a true believer in holistic treatment. She uses manual therapy, soft tissue release and dry needling to enable pain management.

She has an interest in biomechanical issues, sports injuries, Women’s health and persistent pain, including longstanding back and neck pain.

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