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Tania Matos

Tania Matos Physiotherapist

Tania Matos is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor who graduated from King’s College London.

With a background in Dance and Theatre, Tania has developed a deep understanding of Biomechanics and a passion for Sports Injuries.

She completed her rotations as a Junior Physiotherapist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Foundation Trust and then went on to enhance her musculoskeletal skills as a Senior Physiotherapist at Crystal Palace Sports Injuries Centre and Connect Health MSK services in Camden.

Tania’s interest in Persistent Pain led her to become a Highly Specialist Physiotherapist in this area.

Tania is also A skilled physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, certified by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

With a special focus on clinical rehabilitation, she utilises her Pilates expertise to aid in the recovery process. Tania’s treatment approach encompasses a range of techniques, including manual therapy, soft tissue release, and dry needling, all aimed at effectively managing pain.

Her dedication lies in identifying and addressing imbalances in movement patterns, guiding clients through their rehabilitation journey, and preventing future injuries.

Tania’s expertise extends beyond treatment, as she also excels in troubleshooting and improving clients’ physical activity routines, ensuring that they achieve their goals consistently.

By analysing current practices and developing tailored plans, Tania works alongside clients to unlock their full potential and attain consistent progress.

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