Nuad Bo Rarn Thai Massage

Nuad Bo Rarn Thai Massage

Thai massage traces its origins back to the traditions of yogic and Ayurvedic medicine dating back 2500 years ago at the time of Buddha. In our modern world, it belongs to the science of manipulative and peripheral stimulation therapy.

Sometimes referred to as “passive yoga”, Thai massage is based on the belief there is an intrinsic life force or energy (Chi or Prana) that circulates within the body through Sen lines. When this energy is blocked or restricted, discomfort or sickness can result and manifest both physically and emotionally.

The main purpose of Thai massage is to clear such blockages and allow energy to flow freely along the Sen lines. Thai massage goes beyond the top layer of the stressed muscles into the mechanical functions of the body, working with deep muscles and joints tension, mobility, nerves, muscles and ligament re-balancing.

By working the body physically and energetically, Thai massage produces a highly therapeutic effect which helps in relieving common conditions such as back, neck and shoulder pain and headaches and stress related conditions, as well as providing an overall sense of relaxation which can help in clearing emotional issues and blockages.

As with any yoga practice, the variety of stretching moves helps to increase joint mobility and flexibility, and the result is an opening of the body which leaves one feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time.

Since the technique respects each person’s body type and level of flexibility, Thai massage is ideal for everyone.

Thai massage is performed on the floor mat and client is fully clothed. Please, wear comfortable clothing.

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