Kinesiology and Food Intolerance Testing

Kinesiology and Food Intolerance Testing

Do you want to overcome health problems such as digestive issues, chronic pain, anxiety, fertility issues, skin problems amongst others and regain your vitality? If so then Kinesiology could be the answer!

Kinesiology can be used to find and correct imbalances and food allergens sensitivities that might be undermining your general health.

Jey uses accurate muscle testing and performs a series of techniques to carry out the above. If there is any substance you suspect, you can bring a sample for testing.

Once the person’s health has been assessed the right treatment is applied using methods, such as, nutritional support, elimination of allergens, body energy, structural corrections, and the release of emotional stresses in order to assist the body to regain its natural balance.

Jey can help you and encourage you to do your homework. This may be healthy eating, drinking more water, resting more, exercising in moderation, or taking the right nutritional supplements to help the body regain its vitality and health.

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