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Silvia Mensurati

Silvia was born in Italy and has lived and studied all over the world. She was first introduced to holistic therapies more than 20 years ago. While travelling through Mexico and Guatemala, she saw how local people used traditional healing to treat a wide range of ailments.

She has had the honour and privilege of being taught by wonderful Masters of alternative therapies in Mexico, Thailand, England, Ireland and Nepal, both formally and informally. She is especially proud of her training with Master of Thai Massage, Chongkol Setthakorn, at the Institute of Thai Massage (ITM) in Chiang Mai. Here she received a certification in the Advanced Therapeutic Level of Traditional Thai Massage.

Throughout her career, Silvia has continued her studies in bodywork and healing. She continues to deepen and develop her skills and intuition. She has expert knowledge of anatomy and physiology and specializes in remedial/therapeutic treatments.

She is a Member of the International Register of Massage Therapists and Usui Reiki practitioner.

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