Acupuncture is a healing system based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is well known for treating pain, but it is also great for many other conditions such as digestive problems, fertility and pregnancy issues, skin complaints, sleep, stress, anxiety and energy.

Acupuncture – How does it work?

Very fine needles are inserted at specific points on the body to regulate the energy or “Qi” and relieve pain or discomfort. It is a very safe treatment and its benefits are widely recognised.

During the first consultation details are taken of your medical history, medication, emotional state, eating
habits, sleep patterns and stresses in your life in order to assess health problems.

She also examines each client’s complexion, tongue and pulse to assess the most appropriate treatment.

Acupuncture can be used to help improve several conditions including:

For fertility issues Jey uses acupuncture and reflexology to bring the reproductive and hormonal systems into balance, thus fertility in women is improved.

Acne ● Anxiety ● Arthritis ● Asthma ● Colitis ● Crohn’s Disease ● Cystitis ● Depression ● Eczema ● Fears ●
Fertility ● Frequent Colds ● Frozen Shoulder ● Hay Fever ● Headaches ● High Blood Pressure ● IBS ●
Insomnia ● Joint Pain ● Lupus ● ME ● Migraines ● MS ● Mood Swings ● PMT ● Poor Concentration ● Psoriasis ●
Rosacea ● Sciatica ● Sinusitis ● Sports Injuries ● Stress ● Tennis Elbow ● Tiredness ● Weight Gain ●

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