Physiotherapy reformer session

Physiotherapy uses a range of treatment techniques to help manage different musculoskeletal conditions caused by injury, posture and lifestyle or age-related aches and pains. These techniques include exercise prescription, manual therapy, soft tissue release and acupuncture.

Common problems that can benefit from Physiotherapy include persistent neck and back pain, shoulder problems, knee and hip injuries, osteoarthritis, sports injuries, pregnancy or postnatal related pain, amongst others.

At Body Alliance we also use Pilates Matwork and Pilates Equipment exercises to help you on your health journey. You can join a class or exercises can be taught during your Physiotherapy session and practiced at home.

We accept most health insurance providers including Axa, WPA, Cygna and Healthcare Cash Plan. You may be able to claim back invoices on BUPA . Please contact your provider for details.

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Click below to find the different conditions we can help you with:

Neck Pain – from muscle strain to nerve root irritation.

Shoulder Conditions – from rotator cuff injuries to shoulder dislocation.

Back Pain – from herniated discs to muscle injuries.

Hip Conditions – from snapping hip to hip joint dysfunctions.

Knee Conditions – from ITB friction to bursitis.

Ankle Injuries – from ligament sprains to tendinopathies.

Foot Pain – from plantar fasciitis to heel pain.

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