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Mélissa Momple

Pilates Instructor Mélissa Momple

Mélissa Momple is a committed and passionate Pilates Equipment Instructor.

Former lingerie designer, Mélissa discovered the wonders of Pilates while trying to find a sustainable solution to chronic knee pain and general body conditioning…

And she fell in love with the technique!

Thinking of moving her love story with Pilates a step forward, she became a Pilates Equipment instructor who combines her long-time passion for dancing, her fascination for the body and her love for precision.

Today, she enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities and helps them to achieve a better lifestyle. She builds up their body awareness and teaches them effective movement patterns. To watch them evolve, get stronger and get more confident week after week is an experience she finds very rewarding and satisfying.

Accuracy and technique are, to her eyes, fundamental to progress and achieve long lasting results; she will lead you to your goals with dedication and fun.

She teaches in English and French. 

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