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Body Alliance is reopening on 29th July

It has been a long 4 months of closure but we are finally gradually opening our doors again.

We have been keeping busy with virtual Pilates sessions and you can still book these by emailing These can be just as great a workout as a face to face appointment and will keep you fit until we can start our face to face appointments again.

Although we have missed being at the studio, this has been an interesting time for many of us to reflect on our lives before, during and after lockdown. Some of us may have reevaluated our goals, decided to change careers or simply live a healthier life.

Some people may have found working from home harder and may feel that they have worked more than before. Others may have enjoyed this new way of work and would like to adopt it for the future. Some of us may have struggled with anxiety and loneliness whereas others may have found this quieter pace very healing.

Many people have taken up jogging or cycling as a way of keeping fit since gyms, yoga and Pilates studios closed down. Most people have managed to do this without any problems but some of you may have picked up a new injury due to a quick change in activity or increase of frequency and intensity of exercise.

If so, we are already offering Physiotherapy appointments with our Physiotherapist Tania Aleixo de Matos. You can book Physiotherapy appointments online by clicking hereĀ or emailing

Pilates equipment classes will return on the 29th July with limited capacity for safety reasons. You can choose between private sessions or groups of 2 participants.

You can also finally get your massage fix with Silvia Mensurati! Call 075 8838 3759 for more information.

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