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Remedial Pilates Classes to continue during lockdown

Many of you have contacted us to show us your support and to ask to continue with your 121 classes. Thank you so much!

As you may be aware, Pilates classes, which are under the umbrella of gym classes, should cease during lockdown. However, remedial exercise classes can continue.

Whilst we want to be compliant with the Government’s advice we also know that many of our clients see our classes as a way to recover from injury and prevent deterioration in physical and/or mental health. 

We have been seeking advice from our professional bodies and government website and we are happy to confirm that we can continue with 121 remedial exercise classes for those who would benefit from continued rehabilitation.

This means if you are recovering from an injury (eg back or neck pain, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, etc), for mental health reasons, or if you have a medical condition that would deteriorate if you did not continue with regular remedial exercise, which Body Alliance can provide.

We would still advise anyone who is vulnerable to continue with online classes until it is safe to return to the studio.

Please get in touch if you feel you would benefit from and would like to continue with 121 classes. You can do this by contacting your instructor or filling in this contact form.

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