Sania Prentza Pilates Instructor

Sania Prentza Pilates Instructor

Originally from Athens, trained at the "Conservatorire De La Dance Et Music De La Rochelle" (France) and the world famous "Ballet Des Lausannce 20em Siecle" (Maurice Bejart, Switzerland).

As a professional ballet dancer Sania has worked with Opera de Lyon, Toulouse and La Rochelle in France, and Opera of Hannover and Rostock in Germany.

Injured as a dancer with an ACL ligament rupture and metatarsal inflamation, she used Pilates to rehabilitate and maintain and improve her fitness.

Following her dance career, Sania gained a degree in Fashion at Saint Martins College of Art & Design and went on to work with Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. Sania also trained as a Pilates instructor with Alan Herdman and provides clients with an extensive knowledge of exercise and a warm, caring nature.

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