Iovana Velasquez Pilates Instructor

Iovana Velasquez Studio Director

After 7 years directing Body Alliance in Brixton, in 2016 Iovana set up Studio One Pilates & Movement in order to expand a variety of quality classes that can be joined by the whole community.

Iovana constantly practises and experiments different disciplines to support her thorough teaching. With a dance background and practices such as the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Dance and Yoga, among others. She incorporates the best of each into her Pilates teaching to protect, improve and balance one’s body as well as provide remedial support for those recovering from injuries.

Putting together 20 years of movement experience and her PILATES Foundation® UK teacher training, Iovana provides a deep understanding of human anatomy to best approach each individual body and injury. Iovana designs comprehensive and bespoke exercise programmes for each client.

“The key is body awareness applied to daily life. A connection and strength between body and mind brings about a healthy mobilisation for people of any age with any level of pain, fitness, stiffness or mobility.”

For the last 10 years Iovana has taught in various studios around London. For the last eight years she has been offering the highest-quality Pilates instruction in Brixton, Brockley and now in Forest Hill .

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