Body Alliance Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a system for detection and treatment of damaged parts of the body such as the spine, joints, muscles, nerves and ligaments. Osteopaths manually manipulate in order to relieve the causes of pain.

Good function of the parts of the body is the foundation of health; Osteopathy helps to restore balance in the structures, and thus realigns the body to help circulation and nerve supply throughout.

Sometimes an Osteopath will work on an area of the body not obviously connected to the problem area. This is because, in Osteopathy there is an underlying principle that all ‘systems’ in the body are connected. Osteopathy aims not to cure you but to remove the barriers that are preventing those systems from functioning properly and thus preventing your body from curing itself.

As with only a few South London Osteopathy Clinics we have a broad team of fully qualified and experienced teachers / therapists in one location, allowing Body Alliance to offer a comprehensive and integrated service. Body Alliance’s aim is to offer Brixton Osteopathy at reasonable prices.

All of our Osteopaths are General Osteopathic Council registered. Each patient is assessed and a tailor made programme is created.

Initial Assessment

Your first appointment will be used for an assessment of your individual symptoms in order to develop a personalised treatment programme. Following discussion of your symptoms, we will identify areas of weakness or excessive strain throughout the body. Treatments may include gentle, manual techniques including soft tissue massage, articulation and mobilisation, to help ease pain, relieve inflammation and improve mobility. Brixton Osteopathy appointments must be pre booked.